About Me

I live with my family on a nice little estate in Lea, Preston. My poor husband has been putting up with my antics for ten years now and my children are always interested in what I’m doing with the birds or their chicks and I like to involve them whenever I can!

My daughter is helping me teach Jeffy to “step up”

I have always been a bit of an animal enthusiast. There havn’t been many points in my life where I didn’t have a variety of pets ranging from rabbits, guinea pigs and rats, fish of all varieties, lizards and snakes, to cats dogs and horses!

I have kept a few cockatiels as my own personal pets before deciding that I wanted to have a go at rearing them. They were hand-reared birds that I got from a lovely lady who unfortunately had to stop rearing to care for her husband. It was her who showed me how to hand rear chicks. It’s something that I had been interested in for some time and I’ve found myself spending many hours trawling the internet for information on the breeding and genetics of these lovely little birds.

Breeding cockatiels is something that I have recently started and I am enjoying as a hobby, I don’t do it as a business with the intent of making a living from it. I only have a few birds and don’t let them breed all year round. I’d much rather have a few clutches a year and be able to spend the time with all of the chicks, than to have birds available all the time that are less friendly and tame due to time constraints, as well as it being healthier for my adult birds to have a rest. (Making and laying eggs and feeding young is hard work for little bodies and minds!)

If the few birds that I enjoy raising can go on to live happy lives, and bring companionship and joy to someone else, then that is enough for me!

Apparently Spider-boy makes a comfy perch!