Bourkes Parakeet

Introducing the Bourkes Parakeet!

It’s the first time I’ve owned any of these lovely little guys, so I’m conducting a little experiment. Bourkes are suitable for hand-rearing, and seen more commonly in the US.(I myself have never seen bourkes for sale hand reared in the UK)

Bourkes are similar to budgies in size and volume, but much more chilled out. living life like an extended coffee break between their morning and evening bursts, the bourkes seem to be a more forgiving bird in terms of attention required. Generally quiet and calm during the day, they are easy going and gentle birds.

Bourkes do need a good amount of space and time to fly, as having relatively small feet for their size, they dont actually spend much time climbing and get most of their exercise in the form of flight. This means that they would need bigger cages than would normally be recommended for birds of their size. They arent as destructive as tiels and other hookbills as they have much less strength in their beaks, which does mean that there are a lot more options when it comes to cage decorations etc.

Bourkes dont require the same amount of attention as tiels do, but are still happy to come out and play, and enjoy a few cuddles. In my opinion, this makes them ideal birds for someone who wants to enjoy the pleasures of being a bird owner, but dont have as much time as they would like to dedicate to a tiel, or for people wanting a cage-mate for their birds without having to split their affection between two very dependant members of the family.

Quiet, Calm, Gentle and not to mention gorgeous, What’s not to love about these beautiful bundles of fluff?

With two pairs of these guys, Im hoping to have some chicks on the way to hand rear soon!