Button Quail

I now have button quail for sale as individuals or groups!

Button Quail aren’t tame, but they are lovely little things and add interest to aviary or large cage floors.

Hens will lay eggs for you just like chickens (They make really cute little salad eggs), and they are good at finding any dropped bits of seed and making sure food doesn’t go to waste. They don’t have long life-spans and so don’t require many years of commitment like some of the bigger birds, and come in different colours.

Button quail should be kept in groups of either one male and at least 3 hens, or any number of hens together. Watching them interact is quite different than other birds. Males will look after their ladies by finding them special treats to eat and calling the girls over to give it to them. They make very sweet sounds to each other (like little lasers “pew, pew”), and sometimes call together with an inoffensive crow.

The button quail will learn to eat from your hands given the right temptation (A tasty meal worm usually does the trick) but don’t tend to enjoy to being touched. They are low maintenance and I have found mine to be very enjoyable, having no problems cohabiting with my other birds.