Hawke & Riley

(Currently on eggs)

After loosing his first mate Reina, I have paired Hawke up with a new lady. Riley is a feisty grey girl. She is very protective over her nest and babies, and isn’t afraid to give the other tiels a good telling off for getting too close to her babies!

I use an online genetics calculator to determine what chicks I could see in the nest box based on what I know about the parents genetics. Below is a list of the possible colour combinations that I could get from these two (so long as my calculations are correct, cockatiel genetics can get very complicated!)

Male chicks:

  • 50% Grey / Cinnamon-Pearl, Pied, Whitefacce
  • 50% Grey / Cinnamon Pearl, Whiteface

Female chicks:

  • 50% Cinnamon, Pearl / Pied, Whiteface
  • 50% Cinnamon, Pearl / Whiteface

So the number is the percentage chance that there is of getting that mutation, the next part is what the bird will be visually, and anything after the slash is what the bird can be split to (hidden genes that may be passed on to any chicks)

These guys are sitting on their first set of chicks now, so I should be getting some pictures of them soon.