Interested in a bird?

O.k. so you’ve done your research, talked about it with your family, done some more research on the costs and commitments required to keep a bird, talked it over some more, and you still think its right for you both.


What next?

Well now comes the fun bit, getting to meet the birds ^^ Once you have decided that you are ready for your new family member, I strongly advise that you come and meet the birds that I have available. This is by far the best way to see which bird you get on best with, or to see whether the son or daughter that you may be buying the bird as a companion for is actually comfortable around the birds. You can see the parents and how the babies are with me and my family.

After having met the birds and deciding if one of them is right for you, you can leave a deposit to hold the chick until he or she is ready to go home with you. The deposit is non-refundable as I work on a first come, first served basis so the first person to put a deposit down on a chick will have precedence.

I am happy to provide you with regular updates and pictures of your chick as they grow up so that you can see their progress, and watch the wonderful transformation from spikey dinosaur to beautiful feathery friend.

If all of this still sounds good to you, then feel free to head on over to the ‘contact me’ tab and get in touch.