My Methods

It can be hard to know exactly what you’re getting when it comes to buying a pet from someone you’ve never met before. I myself have been disappointed after having a bird sold to me as hand-reared, only to find out after that the bird was actually parent reared until 5 weeks in an outdoor aviary before being bought into the house to be ‘tamed’. She was always very skittish and didn’t like to be touched by us. If it wasn’t for having another, truly hand-reared bird in the house to show her that we were safe, I think she would have had a very stressful life ahead of her. It soon became apparent when her mate died that a life with people was not right for her and she is much happier now in the aviary with other birds.

To help you guys avoid this situation I’ve put together a little information about how I rear my chicks so that you can see for yourselves before you commit to a purchase that was not what you really wanted!