Hearing all the wonderful things people have to say about my adult birds, my site and most of all my babies is wonderful. I always enjoy seeing pictures of my birds enjoying their new lives and families, and hope that they bring as much joy to their new homes as they have for me.


“My cockatiel Lola is a pleasure to have. She is very friendly with everyone she meets, even small children. When I’m at home Lola is on my shoulder whilst I am ironing or hoovering most of the time. She loves to have a bath too. She has a lovely temperament and loves to fall asleep on my knee and walk around the house with me.”


Penny (previously Venus)

“My daughter bought me a cockatiel (we called her Penny) from Denny as a present, and she is the best present I have ever received. I live up in Scotland in which my daughter would keep me up to date via Denny who always alerted her of what Penny was doing; how she was progressing; and how she was growing and learning. She looks after her cockatiels very well and is dedicated at what she does. Denny answered any questions we had to be good owners to Penny When receiving Penny she had printed a list of what she can eat that is healthy for her and what she cannot eat, but also had supplied my daughter with treats for Penny on the journey up to Scotland. She was always happy to help when we got stuck on how to look after Penny. I would highly recommend Denny when looking for the perfect pet cockatiel, as she is fantastic at getting them ready for a new home just like Penny and I cannot thank her enough.”


Zazu (previously Rex)

“After looking for some time for a hand reared cockatiel we found Denny. I can highly recommend this ladies birds. Its evident how much time, effort and love she puts into her babies! We are thrilled with our 8 week old zazu! He’s such a happy, confidant and friendly little chap he settled into our busy household very quickly and isn’t fazed by anything! The children adore him!. Thank you Denny for such a lovely boy.”



“Excellent. One of the best birds I’ve ever bought, very good temperament and not nervous at all.”


Raju (previously Rufus)

“Thank you very much for the lovely bird, they eat together, play together and are getting on with each other.”



“She’s the most pleasant little bird I have ever seen. She is so gentle and sweet with everyone and isn’t fazed by anything. The whole family adore her.”



“We were looking online for a cockatiel and came across Denny’s post on pets4homes for this beautiful white face cinnamon cockatiel and fell in love with her as soon as we laid eyes on her. We went to get her the very next day, she was really friendly and very tame. Denny has done an excellent job on taming her. As soon as we got her home she adjusted very quickly and became very comfortable and now is always demanding to be held, gives kisses and also loved head scratches. Thanks Denny for taming her so well!”



“We met Denny a few months ago when we got our 1st baby Zazu.. we were so thrilled with him we decided we would love another.. Zazu is such a character he’s whistling Addams family and talking! Denny told us she had a another baby available and so we reserved him.. sparky is amazing.. he’s such a loving, cheeky chappy..

He loves stealing food from your plate, giving cuddles and falling asleep on you! The children adore him. Denny puts so much time into her birds.. They are super tame and not fazed by anything. Thanks Denny for another lovely boy..”



“We already had got a bird from Denny. Everyone really loved Ripley and so one of our family members were interested in a bird but at the last minute they decided not to, so we couldn’t resist and got her anyway. Freya is feisty and very playful. She does not take no for an answer but shes really cute and when we give her head scratches she makes this cute mouse noises like a cat when it purrs. Freya and Ripley got off on to a bit of a bumpy road, but are now happy together and sometimes they play fight and cant be without each other. They are inseparable. Freya is very tame and that is all of Denny’s hard work and time. I couldn’t recommend her enough. Thank you Denny for another beautiful girl!”



“Pearl has settled in so well she is so loving and loves sitting out her cage with us. She asks us to scratch her head and she rubs her head up and down our faces. Dont have any complaints at all!”



“Shams is our world. Since she has arrived 5 weeks ago, our lives have become very different, seeing to her, she makes us smile, laugh and giggle all day long. She loves Mummy and Daddy the most, and we call her our little baby sister. Shes chews all our pen lids and paper. At breakfast time, she sits with us when we are eating our porridge and tries to get into our bowl to help herself with some porridge, instead of eating her seeds. She is so cute, especially when she is walking, we call it her toddle waddle. She is the best, cutest, lovliest, most adorable bird baby sister in the whole world, we love her so so so much”

Ayeshah, Kadijah, Aminah and Fatima


“We bought Louie home on the 8th of June and it’s been just over two weeks now. He’s settled in so well! He loves his cuddles and he loves to play, especially with keyboards. He definitely doesn’t believe he should ever be in his cage which is precious. He’s the cheekiest little boy and he definitely will let you know if he doesn’t like something! He loves to shout when we leave the room or even turn our backs on him because he very firmly believes he should be with us! (We believe that too.) He’s very rarely in his cage and he seems to like it that way. Before Louie, we had bought a generic pet shop cockatiel and the difference is HUGE. Our first cockatiel was terrified of people and hands and overall angry. He’d hiss and lunge if you looked in his direction despite how much we tried with him for several months. We’ve struggled to get over how easy Louie is in comparison! From the day we met him he was a sweet little boy and as he’s grown and became more of a cheeky little bird, he has fit right in as our little family member that we can’t help but spoil. We would definitely never hesitate to buy another if we wanted one but our hands are most certainly full for now! The entire process has been so easy and amazing, I honestly didn’t think a bird could be so tame. He’s so smart and he loves doing silly little tricks. We couldn’t have asked for a better bird and it feels like he’s been part of our family forever. Thank you so much for giving Louie to us. It sounds silly but he really has changed me, personally, for the better.” Amelia
PercyThis image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is IMG-20190728-WA0001-1.jpg “I traveled all the way from Newcastle to collect Percy, because as a fist time bird owner I was looking for a completely tame, hand-reared cockatiel. Denny has done a great job with Percy, he loves people and spends as much time as possible sitting on my shoulder! I couldn’t have asked for a more tame and friendly cockatiel, he really is like a little person!” Steven
LadooThis image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is IMG-20190730-WA0023.jpg “I got Ladoo about a week ago from Denny. This is my second cockatiel from Denny. Ladoo is very friendly and very healthy. He is very playful with everyone and he likes to sit on our shoulders and eat with us. He is very friendly and comfortable around my other cockatiel and ringneck parrot. I want to thank Denny for Ladoo and for how well she looks after the parrots. Thank You Denny!”



“We have wanted a lovely little cockatiel for the past year, researching and waiting for the right time to bring one home with us. Then we saw Navi and fell in love!

As soon as we contacted Denny she was so helpful! Offering to send pictures and videos of the two sisters and giving us a snippet of their personalities before we met them.

Navi stood out in the videos and we decided to pick her up once we were back from holiday. Denny was extremely helpful throughout, answering any questions we had about care and anything general regarding Navi.

We have had her for a week now and she has been such a joy to have around, you can definitely see her small quirks and personality shine through in such a small amount of time.

Navi has been fantastic with our German shepherd, Sparkey, and even lands on her back occaisionally to play with her fur while spark just sniffs and then continues sleeping! They both get on so well. We are so greatful to Denny and her family for bringing our sweet little girl into our lives, and we will definitely stay in touch!”



“Prince Oni joined our family nearly two weeks ago and he’s settled in very well! He’s a cheeky little boy who loves to explore as much as he can. He enjoys showers, watching us do the washing up and playing on top of our tv’s and wardrobes. He absolutely adores a good cuddle and his favourite thing in the world is a head scratch with some cheek rubs included! While he is very different to our last cockatiel he’s different in a good way and he’s very loving while being independent at the same time. The way he is so tame and friendly is 100% due to the love and care he received from Denny and again, we wouldn’t hesitate to get another baby bird from her!”


I can’t tell you how happy I am to have found Cuddly Tame Tiels by complete coincidence on fb when searching for a hand tame bird. From the minute I messaged them I was sent photos of the potential babies and regular updates with videos and photos of them loving human affection and being stroked. We named our baby girl Lola a couple of weeks before collection and we were in love straight away. When we collected her Denny was on hand with lots of advice and recommendations as Lola was our first tiel. We definitely want a companion for her at some point and won’t ever go anywhere else. 5 * advice and breeders who love to receive updates on how the birds are settling in. Thank you so much for Lola ❤️  Sue