Trico & Leia

(Currently on eggs)

Both Trico and Leia are big, beautiful birds. These two have had some gorgeous heavily and lightly pied chicks for me and are very loving and devoted in the nest, often sitting on the chicks and eggs together. It’s really nice to see them giving each other attention and affection while they are looking after their babies. They definitely seem to be very much in love.

I use an online genetics calculator to determine what chicks I could see in the nest box based on what I know about the parents genetics. Below is a list of the possible colour combinations that I could get from these two (so long as my calculations are correct, cockatiel genetics can get very complicated!)

Male chicks:

  • 50% Grey, Pied / Cinnamon, Pearl
  • 50% Grey, Pearl, Pied / Cinnamon

Female chicks:

  • 50% Cinnamon, Pied
  • 50% Cinnamon, Pearl, Pied

Chicks from previous clutches